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Welcome to Coach Stop Farm's Percheron page!

We breed, raise, sell, train, and use Percheron horses on our farm. Using draft-horse power, we farm a little over 50 acres outside of Zeeland, Michigan. Pastures, grain crops, and hay are managed without chemicals for weed or insect control. We find that Mother Nature, properly balanced, takes care of "bad bugs" by providing "good bugs" to dine on them. Likewise, weeds are discouraged by periodic plantings of cover crops which feed soil and enhance future crop growth.

Visit our Farm Home Page to learn more about our naturally-raised pork, lamb, and chicken, as well as some recipes and facts about naturally-raised meat!

Our new herd sire, Elliot's Jock

Jock stands a little over 18HH. He was Senior Champion stallion at the Illinois state fair as a 4-year old (his former owners shared a photo of him from that event. Here are a few photos we took after his arrival on our farm in April of 2007. You can see what a calm personality he is when you look at the photo of our friend, Eric with his two-year-old son getting to know Jock.



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